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Jan 25, 2013
Scott you may or may not read all of your comments on your strips but I have to know- how the hell do you keep the pulse on the inner workings of companies after being out of the game so long? This strip (as with all of the rest) is dead on in the ridiculousness of an office (specifically my engineering department). I'm sure you've been asked this before so I'll google it up, but thanks for the years of laughs man.
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Jan 25, 2013
This is why Wally keeps as low a profile as possible....
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Jan 25, 2013
I got an email last week telling me that my desktop computer (that I just updated to Windows 7) is end-of-life after 4 years, and it will be taken away from me soon. So now I get to spend an hour requisitioning a new machine. When that gets here I'll spend a couple days getting it to the point where it is usable. Meanwhile my old machine was just fine, perhaps a memory upgrade would have been necessary in a year or two.

And yes, all the other comments apply to me as well. One-man army, now struggling to train and equip some reinforcements who haven't got any spare bandwidth either. At least I am enhancing shareholder value (new houses for the CEO)
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Jan 25, 2013
Problem with being assign 3 non-present bodies is the project deadline gets moved up
because of the generous reallocation of resources.
Jan 25, 2013
I wonder how many other project managers have been assigned these same three engineers.
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