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Feb 5, 2013
"C'mon! Who's your daddy?"
Feb 5, 2013

"Ask your doctor if a slap is right for YOU."

Side effects include tingling skin, red face, and blurred vision. That's how you know it's working. If symptoms persist, increase dosage.
Feb 5, 2013
Now that is reading 1984 and turning it into good personal use!
Feb 5, 2013
Sadly, most sufferers of Idiopathy are never diagnosed and never seek treatment. It's such a widespread disease, and there is no media coverage at all. We have Farm Aid, Feed the Children, and countless other public outpourings of sympathy and support. If only we could get the media involved in the Idiopathy Epidemic (in a way that is separate from the fact that many of them are sufferers of the affliction).
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Feb 5, 2013
This is almost as if it were written by the comments of the past about the SEO. And to me this is like the MSM in the corporate world.
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