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Feb 6, 2013
Years ago in the steel mills it was not uncommon to have fork truck tournaments. You have to pad the forks really well or they will break. And DO Not hit the propane tanks or the battery housings! Also done was the overhead crane contest, two cranes ramming against each other. Cranes with small magnets attached used to pick up and hide things from people.

All this was and is very dangerous, and if caught, the participants were instantly terminated. But boys will be boys -- especially if liquored up and just back from the wars.

And believe it or not, we had one crane operator who, to demonstrate his extreme skill, would maneuver his hook over and behind women standing below in order to lift up their dresses.

Things were really different years ago. And yes, people died doing such foolish horseplay.
Feb 6, 2013
I wonder if Wally drinks so much coffee so he can stay awake longer to drink more beer...
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Feb 6, 2013
But... I LIKE forklift jousting on Friday nights!
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Feb 6, 2013
Free Beer Friday sounds awesome. How can I get my PHB to approve that one?
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Feb 6, 2013
Forklift Jousting???
Spilled my coffee on that...
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