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Feb 26, 2013
you cant divide by zero
Feb 26, 2013
So Gabryal gets to whine about the system dysfunction, but use it to your advantage and getting away with a speeding ticket and get 9 votes....Congratulations
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Feb 26, 2013
Evil_Rat Prayers said for you sir. Always a pleasure to do that for someone....khp<><
Feb 26, 2013
The legal system is so completely screwed up that it needs to junked and completely reworked. Criminals(petty or otherwise) can and DO "work" the system so they can get an education, vocational assistance, health care, etc. all at tax payer expense.
I have some friends that work in a local county jail facility, and they have told me stories of inmates being allowed to leave the facility unattended so they could go to their jobs and then spend the night in jail - repeat cycle for duration of sentence. Why did we even bother sending the guy(s) to jail?
Another example of how the system is broken - I was hit while crossing a crosswalk by a driver who failed to look forward before accelerating. I had the right of way, she was at a complete stop, and had the red light. She knocked me into the oncoming lane of traffic, throwing me 3 to 6 feet from where she hit me. She had no insurance, the vehicle was NOT registered, and was cited for those along with failure to yield right of way. I was taken to the hospital E.R. where they X-rayed/ CT scanned my head, neck and spine. She pled out on ONE of the charges, paid $300 and is now free to live her life without debt or legal problems. I however was unemployed, had no insurance, no car, and an aggravated arthritis condition in my back and a damaged left shoulder(not worthy of an actual test to see what is wrong however), and was handed a total bill of nearly $8000 for the ambulance ride, and the visit to the E.R. - for which I am legally liable - because the driver is an employed student with no income.
Because of her student and unemployed status, I can not find a lawyer willing to take a civil case against her - they will not make any money, so they will not represent me.
She pays $300 and has a life and a future, I get a $8000 debit and injury I can't get a doctor to look at because it is not serious enough to concern them - even though I can not rise my arm above my shoulder or lift much more than a can of soup at full extension on an average day - which DOES affect my chances for getting a job. I have to go now, the phone is ringing - probably another bill collector who doesn't want to hear I have no money.
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Feb 26, 2013
This guy saw this scribbled on the inner panel of a bathroom stall and they all decided to go with it....
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