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Apr 4, 2013
Good morning to all;

Right on Wallybot ! The hidden agenda of this Wallybot's generosity is that this Walllybot is downloading data to build a program to mimic the carbon based Wally. Therefore, in the new age, the bots will be assured of having their share of Wallybots. All thanks to the cleverness of this prototype Wallybot. By the way, where did this Wallybot leave its coffee (or robot oil) cup ? Everyone, have a grand day.
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Apr 4, 2013
Actually this is the hardest I have ever seen Wally work. He even has his eyeballs open in this one.
Apr 4, 2013
Yeah, we've all been in meetings where that was about all of value that resulted.......
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Apr 4, 2013
Was covered in 2004 already!

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Apr 4, 2013
Must be the first time I see Wally showing any tangible result.
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