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Apr 9, 2013
@MGScott re: comment to AXESMI ("As opposed to the "Republicant" way of cut taxes for the rich and spend even more. Oh, and "Guns for everybody!" )

You're half right. The Republicans have increased spending a great deal. But now that they've finally figured out that you can't spend more than you take in and attempted to do something about it (the sequester), the Democrats are trying to spend more than the Republicans.

(A better arguement is that the Republican's attempt to cut spending is way too weak. They're just cutting some of the growth. We'll still get to that fiscal cliff. Just a little later under the Republican's plan than the Democrat's plan.)
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Apr 8, 2013
I didn't pay any income tax this year because out of a gross income of about $13k I paid over ten grand in medical expenses, including the cost of premiums. Is that regressive or progressive, I'm confused...
Apr 8, 2013
I know, rusty, and you do have a point; however, remember that you did say "The bottom 46% pays zero income tax in the U.S."
The CBO may be correct, but that doesn't include how much of the national income the wealthy make, and how much of the national wealth they already hold.
And thank you for serving our country, too.
Apr 8, 2013

I used to be one of those soldiers and I happily took advantage of the EIC when I had a chance. However, I do not let that cloud my judgement.

My point was that 46% are paying no income tax. Which people fall into this group was irrelevant because I was simply trying to point out that our system is not "regressive" as the strip implies. Current policy is full of loopholes and surely there are people taking advantage of those. But as I recall, the CBO stated that the richest 20% pays 68% of all taxes. This is far from regressive, or could the CBO data also be considered a meme?

Tax policy is so often used as a political football that I think politicians could not be happier with its complexity, loopholes, and giveaways. Perhaps a system that is not so easily molested would better serve us all.

I love the Dilbert strip and it seems silly now to even comment on the words of Stanky Bathurd. I just wonder if he had described the tax code as abhorrent, abysmal, loophole-laden, or unjust it might have been more neutral and I would have laughed like I did at the first strip of this arch.
Apr 8, 2013
I knew as soon as I saw the strip, it would turn political (sigh).

The problem with the "47%" meme is that it is not the "bottom 47%". Included in that are soldiers in combat zones, retirees, m(b)illionaires who pay no taxes at all, and others. That might be why rmoney lost, because he thought and spoke in simplistic terms, "Us vs those who want what we have." Fortunately for the American people.
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