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Apr 15, 2013
How about adding this to the couch? = intravenous coffee and cold beer. Switchable, of course....
Apr 15, 2013
@stormthehouse: Because we don't appropriate your flair for the obvious? I dunno...

@BoredToDeath: Because coffee is not conducive to testing a sofa. Note that he mentioned a bottle opener in the spec, but NOT a cup holder. Don't try to second-guess the expert when it comes to relaxation...
Apr 15, 2013
Just like a keyboard, all sorts of mungus in the cracks.
Apr 15, 2013
True, but since the other comment merely mentioned copyright and not patent, I was only commenting on that. And technically, someone else COULD call it a digital couch, since Wally said his design is for "A" digital couch, not "The" digital couch. That makes it ambiguous.

And yes, I'm sure it would sell - lots!

And of course, Wally needs to also add massage features, and the 100 disc DVD changer :)

And the thought occurs to me just now that Scott Adams may already be working on this thing, and wants to get everyone's thoughts on what features should be included...
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Apr 15, 2013
Maybe copyrighted but not patented. As ideas cannot be patented (only implementation of ideas), a company may use of the idea and build its own digital couch (just not call it that).

And, as crazy it might sounds. It would actually sell (as anything that make people lazier usually do).

Of course, Wally forgot the mini fridge and the attached remote controlled beer dispenser. :)
O well he has 6 months to add it.
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