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Apr 28, 2013
When the company I work for underwent a merger, the new boss came up with a "brilliant" bonus scheme... yeah it's pretty much the same one in this comic. When it was announced in the presentation I asked, "so even if I work well and do well I'm not guaranteed a bonus and if I don't work well and perform poorly I might get a bonus anyway... so what's my incentive to actually work well at all and why is my bonus dependent on the performance of others who I have no actual contact with."

that scheme got sidelined because it didn't work, still around but the team I am in, our bonuses are more directly based on SLAs than the random luck of sales people being able to make sales.
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Apr 28, 2013
Ouch, this one hurt! :-)
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Apr 28, 2013
"People you have never met" don't exist. They are all fictional.
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Apr 28, 2013
As usual, you nailed it, Scott.
Apr 28, 2013
Sometimes Dilbert seems to match my experience all to well

But Scott seems to have left off third row of comic where he explains that the "People you have never met" failed to sell the product but still not only got to keep their jobs, but got bonuses anyway.
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