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May 8, 2013
Almost as bad as the guy who got a nosebleed, filled one of those little paper cups with blood, and insisted on showing everyone in the office... (Yes, it happened.)
May 8, 2013
I worked for a .com pany , that though that personal interaction was the key to their salvation.

my current job, I sit in a office, and call into teleconfrences. and have little interaction with others. Except for the mandatory meeting where we all get chewed on for another groups problems.
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May 7, 2013
These interactions have casualties.
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May 7, 2013
By casual interaction they mean managers can keep an eye on you and make sure you get nothing done.
May 7, 2013
I worked with a very attractive lady that had quite reasonable rates for 'casual interactions'. The less casual, the higher the rate.
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