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Jun 6, 2013
My first thought wasn't physics, so much as 'Pet Sematary' - yipes!
Jun 6, 2013
We all know about the cat, but nobody DOES anything about it.
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Jun 6, 2013
Oh please, please, it would be perfect to have physicist Michio Kaku appear in tomorrow's strip to explain this! M-i-c-h-i-o K-a-k-u, in case your goofy censor scrambles his name. And thanks for the umlaut.
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Jun 6, 2013
Schrodinger's cat; taken from Big Bang Theory??? So if the cat is thought to be both dead and alive, then this company is assumed to be both profitable and bankrupt.
Jun 6, 2013
Coming to think about it, Schrödinger's cat paradox can be applied to many areas in bussiness...
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