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Jun 7, 2013
Yep..there's the solution to most of your problems...stop others from projecting 'their' curiosity on you and making you go through unnecessary trouble and anxiety of finding out that, which is irrelevant to you!
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Jun 7, 2013
Put an eye patch on that cat and he could be the Schrodinger's version of a Captain Morgan commercial.
Jun 7, 2013
Wally knows that curiosity killed (in this case half-killed) the cat. So he concluded that if he answered yes, he'd die (and therefore he would know what afterlife looks like)... :-)
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Jun 7, 2013

"That cat should be completely dead by now. Schrodinger died in 1961, making the cat at least 52 years old. "

Yes. And Asok has been an intern for 20 years. It is a comic strip.
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Jun 7, 2013
Richard, maybe he is radioactive. The original description of the experiment was a radio isotope with a 50/50 chance of decaying, causing the release of poison.

The cat could have ingested it. If it was Titanium-44 he'd have a 'half life' of 63 years.
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