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Jun 23, 2013
PHB fires Carol,
DH fires PHB.
It does "flow uphill" !
Jun 23, 2013
A great example of the true goal of all overpaid power hungry managers on this planet, either way the secretary will be fired, the question remains with or without the jerrycan.
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Jun 23, 2013
Brilliance, Scott. Sheer, diabolical brilliance!
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Jun 23, 2013
Chain of command.

PHB and not the CEO is Carol boss. Thus Carol responsibility is to obey PHB orders, not the CEO. Specially since PHB already knows that the CEO is there. He can choose on his own whatever he wants to go to the CEO office or not.

BTW, for a CEO he surely have a lot of time to go personally to his minions offices. I guess he still haven't found a secretary.
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Jun 23, 2013
Sometimes I think the problems with our Economy may be deeper than politics or tax rates....
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