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Jun 25, 2013
Sorry: Off topic here, but...
WTF is wrong with the RSS feed ? Why stop it ? Who said RSS wasn't useful any more (apart from Google who has its own BAD reasons wrapped in lies about popularity decrease).

I mostly read this on my phone while commuting and offline, so a link to the website is useless. More than useless, infuriating.

Please bring back the RSS feed as it was, or I'm off...
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Jun 25, 2013
I hope Dilbert has documentation on the estimate he gave and PHB acceptance of it (in writing). That way when the project fails and he gets blamed and fired for it. He can still sue the company for a SLOM.
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Jun 25, 2013
Any chance the RSS feed will start showing the comics again?
Jun 25, 2013
Thats why you submit "4 years" if you only need 2 ..
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Jun 25, 2013
If it takes two men two days to dig a hole, how long will it take to dig half a hole?
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