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Jun 30, 2013
Dilbert, you should have become a philosopher..
Jun 30, 2013
for every good leader there is at least 100 bad ones... it's easy to see the bad ones since they go into denial and do everything they can to try and project the image of being a good leader... making them an even worse one.
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Jun 30, 2013
There was this management book that started with 'think what is common among all these great leaders x, y, z, etc.' and the first thing that came to my mind was 'that none of them had read this book to become great leaders?'. I returned the book and thanked the author for enlightening me at the very beginning without having to waste my time reading the entire book :)
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Jun 30, 2013
An infinite number of baboons reading an infinite number of management books will eventually produce leadership, so there's hope for the PHB yet.
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