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Jul 6, 2013
Ok.....so let me first admit that I haven't seen a Dilbert strip on paper in forever and I haven't read it online from a mobile in approx 4 years, 5 phone upgrades, and about 12 Android versions. So I can't say I understand the issue with the RSS as I don't recall the previous format.

But REALLY?!?!?! Are you guys really debating a click over days of comments!!! If you count your key strokes for all of your comments I'm thinking those wasted strokes could have been used to get you to the feed for at least a couple of years. I mean REALLY!?!? Maybe we should get Seth and Amy from SNL to do a skit around the topic! I mean how lazy can you be.

And if you want to add logic to the equation (I know thats not necessarily possible) but don't click, get a life, and move on!!! People please....But I must admit reading your comments is almost as entertaining as reading the strip!!! You damn Dilberts!!!! Lol
Jul 6, 2013
I especially like this strip-- not because it's one of the funniest (laugh-out-loud) kind, but because it actually shows the guys *allied with the boss* against some greater evil-- the BHCEO. The boss and the others are in the same boat, and we can peek behind the mask of the boss's seeming moronic arbitrariness (which most of the time it is) and see, at least in terms of protecting not just himself *but also his people*, he is both insightful and taking proper care. What I'm trying to say here is elusive even to me. I guess I'm saying / seeing there could be a lot of excellent strips with the Boss as someone who's actually a credible ship's captain. Well, SEMI-credible, anyway. Maybe bumbling but with his heart at least *partially* in the right place. Which we home is a somewhat *funny* place. Just wondering- are pathos and bathos things to be explored?
Jul 6, 2013
Wait... That means that the coffeemaker will not be working. This is unacceptable!
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Jul 6, 2013
I came in four hours early and left four hours late. You couldn't see me because the lights were off, but I'll be taking next Monday off as a result.
Jul 6, 2013
Ingmar: not sure about that; if he has to provide his own water heating, that's not the usual flow of energy. http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2009-04-28/

twintails0: that's left-hand-right-hand disease; this is where all of the hands know that they're doing something unreasonable; I'm not sure what more-factual-than-abbusive name to give it.
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