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Jul 18, 2013
A bedtime story. Thanks?
Jul 17, 2013
Um, I'm not retired, but I'm probably "old" by your definition, and I do not demand "gentile" humor. I actually had a boss who wanted me to review a stack of contracts for legality. I pointed out that reviewing contracts for legality involved giving a legal opinion, and it was illegal for a non-lawyer to give a legal opinion. He told me "I don't think that's right." I offered to take the question down to legal, and he said, "I'll take care of it." Later, he ended up being fired becase he authorized several conflicting contracts, without presenting them to legal. Right before he was fired, his boss's boss asked me about the contracts, and I told him I'd declined to review them because I wasn't a lawyer. He nodded and said "Good call."
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Jul 9, 2013
Ahhh, now I get it. Everyone commenting here -except me- is retired. That's why I keep getting thumbs down. You old dudes only understand gentile humour. So it's probably more Rob Petrie and less Jerry Seinfeld. That explains why Adam Scott's comic strip isn't read by anyone under 40. And here I was thinking maybe Scott was some genius that took some time getting used to. Turns out he just caters to the pre-Civil Rights crowd. I hate to tell you guys (not really) McHale's Navy... it was written by Jews. You've been laughing at !$%*! humour all these years. Shalom!
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Jul 8, 2013
PClip - it's Monday afternoon and I just got to the computer here at my Senior Center. Your idea of putting stuff in the contract favorable only to yourself is a stroke of genius and gave me a good laugh in the process. I would never have thought of this...thanks, KHP<><
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Jul 8, 2013
Dilbert should use www.elysiumcompare.com (shameless plug). That would really show PHB!
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