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Jul 30, 2013
Gabryal: You know what will be a secondary effect of your proposed experiment, right?
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Jul 29, 2013
Now let's approach this from a different angle. From a male perspective.Why do we need women?
Is it the company? Nope. Is it the sharing our feelings BS? Nope. Is it because men can't cook for themselves? Nope. Is it because we want obligations like visiting her parents and her friends? nope. Is it because we like to chase women? Nope. Is it because of sex? perhaps we got our right hand. Is it because of kids? Perhaps,you can adopt one. So are there really any benefactors of getting into a relationship? Nope. unless you have a compulsory need to abandon one's own principles in order to be in the relationship and to give away all your money and stuff.
Perhaps this is the extremist point from the opposite side and you can call it misogynistic but am I that far from the truth? There are some who believe they are afraid to die alone and that, that's the reason. Let me give you a short answer to that. We all die alone. Call me outright negative but prove me wrong.

Women these days feel like they are entitled. It's our own fault. We have been chivalrous and try to convey that we are ''the white knights'' they have been looking for. We provide for them. We protect them. We let them have equal rights in pay and social values and look how society has become. They are spoilt princesses and expect you the man to respect them and do everything for them just because of their gender. Respect has to be earned not given away!. There are a lot of men out there that will trade in their dignity and their manhood just to be with a woman. A world where women go for jerks who treat them like crap leaving the ''good'' guys on the side lines and after she had sex with 5 different guys she comes crying to the ''good'' guy and gets married. Negative? perhaps. Prove me wrong!

And when you say to women leave me alone. You are depicted as a misogynist and you are gay. The sad part is you get depicted from both sides and you are being treated like an apple that has fallen onto the ground as if it were rotten. I respect those who deserve it and nothing more.
63% of all marriages end in divorce. Surprised? I am not. 42% of reported rape accusations are false. This is done by women between the age of 21-30 in order to exploit her victim and attempts for blackmail. Still feeling like there is that one woman you will give it all up for? I wish you all good luck and I urge you to reconsider. MGTOW.
Jul 25, 2013
Not up to Scott Adams' standards. Husbands may not be needed, but men still are. The fertility doctor is probably a woman but what about the person she pays to fix something that breaks in her house, and the gardener who mows her lawn? I'm willing to bet that they are both men.
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Jul 24, 2013
Sex! Men are good for sex. Good for killing bugs, too.
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Jul 24, 2013
Oh, jeez, would you people lighten up??

I don't NEED men, I WANT them!

It's called forging a PARTNERSHIP.
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