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Jul 24, 2013
Slightly disturbed by the misogyny of some comments, but agree it's a good strip. A relief after all those dull but morbid "The Death of the Male", "Why Men will soon be Unnecessary" articles. Yes, we get it. Changing economic conditions (and more worryingly, deskilling) may mean men need to behave differently, perhaps better, and don't have anything women must have. It just shouldn't affect Dilbert's self-acceptance so much. Hey, he's got a GSOH.

But why does anybody need anybody? We can't all work in isolated cubicles and live in single-occupancy Dilberthomes. Of course some women are sensibly looking for a stable provider, and the economics are still a factor as they were 200 years ago, as you can see from Jane Austen. Maybe one reason I don't see my girlfriend enough is because she earns more and works longer hours than me, but I'm not going to find much real solace in gadgetry, not even an unlocked Android. People continue need each other for intelligent conversation, practical support in changing things for the better and bringing up children, company and sex. Men may not have any "purpose", but we're still here. We just need to rein in the flatulence.
Jul 22, 2013
I shall forward this 'til my mouse bleeds!
Jul 22, 2013
This might be the most shared Dilbert strip of 2013, if not of all time. (Top 10 at least.)
Jul 22, 2013
LOL. I see that you fellows have no sense of humor today. -20 so far, for my panel five joke. It's a good thing I didn't accuse anybody of having a little, er, ah, 'member'. I'd be at -200

<a href="http://bichonrescue.net" title="bichonrescue">bichonfrise</a>
Jul 22, 2013

I agree with most comments, but I'm happily married, MOST days! LOL :o, and they say married men are happier and get more bed aerobics - wink!
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