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Aug 30, 2013
This rendering looks a little like Jake. From State Farm.
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Aug 30, 2013
Which industry will tolerate Mordac the longest? Banks? Healthcare? Correlate bureaucracy with Mordac longevity? That would mean government....
Aug 27, 2013
COMMENT Note to Scott, Mordac looks better with some kind of transylvanian look-- the one where he told Wally to waterboard himself in his own tears was pretty good. Here you can't see the frontal point in his bangs that well, and we're missing the tie and suspenders which were reminiscent of a vest and medallion.
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Aug 26, 2013
I knew a blackberry expert, that they told they wanted to cut his pay, as they were hiring new trainees fresh out of blackberry school. He quit, and the company had to hire him as a consultant to upgrade a client’s system that none of the freshmen could do anything about. (He cashed in on it as he know how much they charged for the upgrade, an could not do the work.) He's now working for more money as a support SME for government contracts.

We feel your pain.

Another engineer I work with lost his job as the drunken lemurs were told by a sales weasel that their outsourced consulting company could support them from remote, for cheaper, and better. (so far it cost his old company x3 what they were paying before. )

Take your experience, get you resume updated and assessed. Get your copy of "Knock em Dead" - Martin Yate out and hit the pavement. (It helps if you get a sales weasel to help you on your resume. ) It’s a good time to finish that certification you were working on, Lemurs love certs.
Aug 25, 2013

I lost my job as the company's I.T. guy on Thursday. They did it via conference call, as I was not worthy of sending an H.R. representative in person to lay me off. My mindset was not in the same hemisphere as Mordac's, but I did think that a lack of any redundancy in my position in less then a 200 mile radius afforded me a certain measure of security.

And while I in full 'sour grapes' mode... what is it now with companies laying you off either on or around your birthday? Less then 48 hours before this time... and my last layoff (seven years ago) the company calls me at home on a SATURDAY to do the deed. What the blank, people?
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