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Sep 5, 2013
Thats no conspiracy look it up, Google has contracts for this. It was publicly announced YEARS ago.
They'd also announced many government contracts to sell search data and net history records from IP's to various government and non-government companies.

@High Priest Mikhal
What about that which isn't in public domain that web sites get hold of?
Or when companies break through privacy settings to get at information that wasn't made public?
Or how about when they collect the information by forcing you to shell out information they don't need (SS# prior to employment, store that ask for zip codes, etc... Information that is NOT required at that time in any way, but forced to be shelled out without reason given.)
Sep 5, 2013
You beat me to it.

Yes, there's a lot of info about yourself on the Internet. And before anyone brings up the right to privacy, that doesn't apply here. The information is in the public domain so it's perfectly legal to search. And my friends wonder why I don't use social media.
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Sep 5, 2013
This works both ways to be sure.

Guy I know has Reputation Polisher sort of business. Many of his clients are businesses who *temporarily* clean up their online profile during a bidding process to look as clean as possible.
His usual approach is to:

1 – Put up a bunch of *false positives* - anything that makes the company appear Best Choice such as charity/donation/unverifiable news briefs/ect. The kick? It is all false.

2 – Find everything negative such as complaints/pending litigation/censures/ect. and temporarily change its source to appear like spam/virus or whatever makes it not appear in online searches.

Then change it back after the bid is won, as many of these sources are local government places, and this activity is sort of a no-no.

He also has a brisk cliental of recent college grads who wisely do the same this thing for themselves.

The net: If someone looks great on the internet, it has been manipulated, and thus making them best hiring choice.
Sep 5, 2013
"A major problem with information found on the internet is that it is not easy to verify"

(Plato - The Dialogues)
Sep 5, 2013
Google PHB. I can only imagine what Carol and Alice have posted on his behalf...better yet, I don't think I will!
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