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Sep 6, 2013

They don't but neither does the company that Dilbert works for, thankfully sometimes it's difficult for people to tell the differences between two different sets of data which are both incoherent mess.
Sep 6, 2013
rxantos: as well as, rather than instead of. That's why deciding what to do about it is a hard problem.
Sep 6, 2013
I like how Dilbert is looking at us in panel two. We need to listen well.
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Sep 6, 2013
I depend on the government for backup of all of my data, especially sensitive and critical personal data. NSA, the one bureaucracy that is getting it right, ahhhh.
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Sep 6, 2013
That would actually made the NSA invasion of privacy useful instead of just creepy.

BTW: Is Dilbert turning into Wally? How do we know that the data was lost in the first place?
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