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Sep 26, 2013
i see myself in the CEO, not others.

after building a thorough methodology on how to behave its very difficult to trust an outsider to tweak you.

they dont know the labor and thought put into you decision process.

there are many tweaks proposed by what I would call 'less sentient' persons, which advice only work for them because of unconscious competence in another dependent area that they are oblivious to. they dont have discrete knowledge of their success, in fact the origin of their success lies outside their conscious awareness.

a clear example would be having michael jordan tell scott adams to jump up and slam dunk it. then have him show how its done and tell him how he just tells his body to move and it happens. (ofc this is physical capacity not knowledge but the principle works the same)

we should always hang on every word of those who succeed. they must be conscious of what got them there, right?

thats how i see someone giving me advice. my mother would often offer some of the most "Scrappy Do" advice known to man. Playing high school basketball she would offer solutions such as 'get in front of them'. the problem isnt with tactics, its that the other guy is very fast and working against my efforts. the communicated solution only works if mastery in other areas comes first. but they cant even see that area, let alone instruct on it.

it seems to me that there are far more of these 'less sentient' persons in things like sales and marketing. i try to hold out respect for their personhood, but its hard because i believe in handling knowledge in measurable quanta. i try to break down my learning into actual describable bits. i figure my learning isnt worth having if i cant pass it on. it seems to me the majority of their person operates by either chance or the subconscious, which i cant directly address and speak with. they might be genius level charisma but have no f'in clue how they do it.

trying to 'get on their level' is a challenge. you have to stop discretely analyzing data and 'feel'. trying to have one of these ppl explain HOW they do things that they are amazing at is like asking a chicken to describe what 'salt' tastes like. 'just jump up there and slam dunk it' thx consultants. never thought of it like that before.

one thing i will say in their favor: when i am mistaken about something and blind to my flaw, their good and correct advice looks just like "scrappy do" simple orders that cannot work. i try to keep that in mind when im given advice. we cant see our blind spots and we are certainly not measuring up in that area. luckily that failure can make us hurt enough to try new things.
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Sep 24, 2013
This is the job for me! I think I could be a consultant. Go in, tell everyone how smart I am, make up some stuff they need to do, smile nicely, and leave with the check.
Sep 24, 2013
It's over 9000!
Dragonball Z reference. Scott Adams is trying to keep with the times.
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Sep 24, 2013
Ok, Don't change what your doing.
Do more of the same things your suceeding at now.
Stop doing what is causing you to fail.

That witll be $2000 please.
Sep 24, 2013

I think it's Rate Obviously Inflated. Everyone pays the amount because no one wants to point out the Obvious.
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