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Oct 22, 2013
retirement provides unlimited vacation days - it's just that the pay is kinda low...
Oct 22, 2013
I wonder most about the 'our vacations will be a source of stress' line. A lot of people do that to themselves. Constantly checking messages, emails, etc., is an absurd way to spend your time off. As Catbert says, 'It's totally up to you.'
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Oct 22, 2013
pfft! Wally has been ahead of the curve on this one, taking unlimited vacation days disguised by being at work, drinking coffee... (as I reach for my handy cup!)
Oct 22, 2013
@R3sistance, cry me a river. Remember, here in the good ol' US of Allbowdowntocapitalism, vacation days are awarded at the discretion of the employer, you "use it or lose it" at the end of each year, regardless of how short-staffed you are, and Wal Mart management dictates cashiers may not sit for the duration of the shift and possibly have to clock out for bathroom breaks. Oh yeah and introducing what is supposed to pass as universal healthcare forced the federal government to a standstill, even though the rest of the industrialized world freely accepts the concept. Did I tell you that the state still executes people, too?
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Oct 22, 2013
I guess Asok is covered, since he only takes vacations within the company building. He can take a vacation and be near enough to complete any tasks assigned at the same time.
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