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Nov 8, 2013
Is there such word as 'aweless'? It would seem to fit PHB better.
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Nov 8, 2013
Leave the company, start your own, and go back to work for the original company as a private, and very expensive consultant. If they don't like all of your billable hours, sue them for breach of contract and damages as well. Win-win all the way around. Either that or become an absolutely indispensable employee that they can't afford to lose, and when it comes time for salary negotiations tell other employees that you are thinking of leaving, so by the time management gets wind of it. they're in a nicely constructed bind...more than one way to skin a red cat...
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Nov 8, 2013
It was our IT experience this past annual review. Almost everyone got a 2% raise despite working very long hours to integrate an unexpected acquisition in addition to the planned projects.

We did get $50 gift certificates and a few lunches celebrating a job well done.

For 300 or 400 hours of unpaid overtime for many of us.

A director was kind enough to inform us our hard work allowed him to purchase a new boat with his bonus.

And they wonder why the place is deserted by 5:15 PM this fiscal year and why we won't complete most of our projects on time...
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Nov 8, 2013
Way, WAY too close for comfort.
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Nov 8, 2013
"No, that makes them greedy. I, on the other hand, deserve everything I get and more."
(I'm sure there wasn't room in the panel for the rest of that sentence.)
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