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Jan 24, 2014
@Mike The workers are too busy actually doing the job. The status seekers are only concerned with advancement. I remember a guy explaining to me that if I wanted a job in a certain shop then I should start 'dressing as they dress'. He meant that absolutely. The requirements of his present job were largely ignored as he planned only how to get the next promotion. When I retired he was at least third tier management.
And he was dressed very nicely.
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Jan 24, 2014
Slappy Little Mammy....
Jan 24, 2014

The answers to your questions are contained within your musings. People of that mentality gravitate toward positions of authority and apathy on the part of the masses allows it to be perpetuated.
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Jan 24, 2014
This does raise an interesting point, though, about people in general. What is it about the human race that makes us do what we have done so many times in the past, take some crap-spouting nut job and elevate that person to a position of leadership? Why are so many of our leaders of at least questionable sanity? Why do we collectively allow people like cult leaders, weasel politicians, PHBs and such other riff-raff to run our lives? Why do so many of us respect and follow these people when we really should be putting most of them in prisons or insane asylums?

I think there's something fundamentally wrong with most people who WANT to lead. Perhaps the desire to be a big boss requires a certain sort of arrogance that most of us don't possess (thankfully). Perhaps possessing that sort of arrogance should be, instead of a qualification, a bar to allowing a person to be a leader.

I don't know. It's a tough one, but something I've wondered about for many years.
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Jan 24, 2014
I love how Catbert says "Apparently". He's not sure whether to believe it or not.
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