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Feb 14, 2014
PHB apparently made a mistake considering Alice's current tactics of dealing with difficult co-workers...
Feb 14, 2014
Well any workshop on prevention can serve the opposite purpose. Also applies to workshops on doorlocks, anti-hacking, self-defense, workplace mobbing etc.
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Feb 14, 2014
He learned that trick from Dilbert yesterday.
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Feb 14, 2014
Oh, Alice!! Would you be my valentine?? Actually, I named my car Alice, and she's my valentine... My Alice is a Mini Cooper. Alice Cooper. whoosh!!! :) (also, I think my new permanent address is down the rabbit hole, so it fits that Alice, too)

Happy Valentines day everyone! I'm glad the recent hand grenade tossing in comments seems to be over... sigh!
Feb 14, 2014
Just say yes Alice, and you'll find out.
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