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Mar 9, 2014
It reminds me of a toy robot I had as a kid. I'm talking late 50's, and it was called Robert the Robot. It wasn't fusion powered and wasn't as fast as the speed of light. But that aside, it was the same thing.
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Mar 9, 2014
"All I asked you to do was to kill Superman."
Mar 9, 2014
Same scenario with Wally:

PHB: "You won't see me or hear from me. I won't even respond to email."

Wally: "Dreamjob!"
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Mar 9, 2014
Dilbert ought to have extracted a promise from PHB to "STAY OUT OF THE WAY" ... etc. He spoiled the show by asking abut the budget.
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Mar 9, 2014
Seems like my place of work, except that I usually also get an impossible and unknown deadline for the no budget project. Dilbert has it easy ;)

Is easy to set high goals. What takes leadership is knowing how high the goals should be. Too high and they affect the organization moral wasting time and budget in the process. Too low and you get lazy employees and no future. Any of the two will sink a company in no time. A clueless person cannot be a leader.

Sorry PHB, but no mater how many books you read, you will never be a leader.
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