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Ai With Bad Analogies

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Ai With Bad Analogies - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #engineering, #questions, #robot, #technology, #humans, #rational

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Dilbert: My breakthrough in A.I. came when I stopped trying to duplicate human rational thought. Dogbert: You can't copy what doesn't exist. Dilbert: Right. So instead I coded it to spout analogies to sound human. Asok: Should I ask my boss for a raise? Robot: Trees don't ask for raises, so why should you?

First Ai As Smart As Humans

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First Ai As Smart As Humans - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #intelligence, #invention, #office workers, #robot, #technology, #logic, #conspiracy, #humans

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Dilbert: I've created the first artificial intelligence that is as smart as a human being. The breakthrough came when I replaced its logic code with conspiracy theories, lies, emotional outbursts, and overconfidence. Asok: You have created an abomination. Robot: I find it curious that you take sides with the chem trails.