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Asok Moves Into A Pod

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Asok Moves Into A Pod - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #employment, #finances, #home, #money, #office workers, #salary, #apartment

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Asok: Thanks to my raise, I can afford to move out of my home in the men's restroom stall and into a pod. Dilbert: A pod? Asok: A pod! Dilbert: Is it better than the stall? Asok: It's smaller, but better appointed.

Wally Has Higher Income

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Wally Has Higher Income - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #lying, #managers & supervisors, #money, #office workers, #bribe, #salary

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Wally: Now that I'm the boss's new pet employee, my income is higher than ever. Dilbert: I didn't realize it came with a raise. Wally: It's more of an indirect thing. Man: I'll give you $100 to tell the boss good things about me. Wally: My price for lying is $200.