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 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #Dilbert, #Dogbert, #television, #remote, #hand, #channels, #clicking, #armchair, #freedom, #consumerism

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Dilbert sits in his chair watching television. As he clicks through the channels with the remote control, he thinks, "Uh-oh . . ." Dilbert thinks, "I'm paralyzed by the television." Dilbert thinks, "I'm uninterested in the shows, yet I can't stop clicking through all the channels." Dogbert sits on his pillow in the other room. Dilbert shouts, "Dogbert! Help! Come quickly!!" Dilbert yells, "Do something! Knock the remote out of my hand!!" Dogbert tackles Dilbert's arm and the remote control flies out of his hand. Dilbert stands up and cries, "I'm free!! I'm free!!" Dogbert sits on the hassock clicking through the tv channels.