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Spreading Ted's Ashes

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Spreading Ted's Ashes - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #apathy, #ashes, #cremation, #death, #spreading, #toilet, #medical

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Alice: Ted's widow asked us to spread his ashes around the office because he loved his job. Wally: I'll do it. Alice: You didn't like Ted. Wally: Was that a requirement? Alice: Don't let anyone see you flush it.

Remember Or Rumor

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Remember Or Rumor - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #laziness, #work ethic, #ruse, #trick, #ego, #top secret, #project

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Boss: What is this "Red File" people keep telling me you're working on? Wally: Do you remember giving me this secret project, or should I spread the rumor that you have dementia? Boss: Oh, now I sort of remember. Wally: Good. Now run along while I work on the red file.