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Ted And The Tangle Of Cords

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Ted And The Tangle Of Cords - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #business, #coffee, #desk, #office, #office workers, #cables, #stapler

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the boss, dibert and wally standing with coffee. the boss: has anyone seen ted lately? wally: last time i saw him he was trapped in a tangle of cables behind his desk, screaming for help. the boss: then you helped him get free? wally: i only needed his stapler.

Wally Uses Deep Fake

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Wally Uses Deep Fake - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #video, #conference, #call, #technology, #elbonian, #affordable

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dilbert: i liked what you said on the video conference call yesterday. i've never seen you so engaged and helpful. wally: that wasn't me. that was "deep fake wally." i created him to do all of my video calls. and i hired an elbonian to do all my coding jobs for a very affordable price. wally: these days. i only come to the office for the free coffee. dilbert: and the camaraderie? wally: sure.