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Dilbert Might Have Lied

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Dilbert Might Have Lied - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #rumors, #sources, #journalism, #accusation

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Man: I heard you lied about moving the server rack. Dilbert: It isn't true. Man: I heard it from several sources. Dilbert: Each of them heard it from the same source, who was wrong. Man: With that much smoke, there must be a fire. Dilbert: Yes, but it's coming out of your ears.

He Didn't Deny It

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He Didn't Deny It - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #rumor, #conspiracy, #sources, #vetting, #accusation, #guilt, #innocence

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Narrator: How conspiracy theories happen. Catbert: I've heard from multiple sources that you deleted Alice's files on the server. Dilbert: Your multiple sources all heard it from Alice. That is only one source. Catbert: He didn't deny it. Narrator: Continued...