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Technically Dilbert Is Male

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Technically Dilbert Is Male - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #boss, #business ethics, #gender, #managers & supervisors, #men and women, #office workers, #salary

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Dilbert: Technically, I'm male. But my boss makes me identify as a woman so it looks as if he pays men and women the same. Dogbert: You let your boss choose your gender? Dilbert: Don't make it sound weird.

Dilbert Doesn't Believe In Safety

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Dilbert Doesn't Believe In Safety  - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #employees, #office workers, #safety, #sarcasm, #team

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Tina: Ugh, Dilbert is on the project team? That guy doesn't believe in safety. Man: Just out of curiosity, what evidence of that extremely weird allegation have you seen? Tina: What evidence do you have that you exist? See? Anyone can do that.