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Need To Retrain

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Need To Retrain - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Lifestyle Disagreer

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Lifestyle Disagreer - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #argument, #conversation, #office workers, #sarcasm, #disagreement, #attitude

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Man: I hear what you're saying, and I disagree. Dilbert: Because...? Man: Because what? Dilbert: Do you have any reasons for your disagreement? Man: No, I'm a lifestyle disagreer. I disagree with everyone all the time. The reasons are irrelevant. Dilbert: You sound smart. Man: No. I'm not smart. Dilbert: And you're attractive too. Man: No. I'm ugl...okay, I see what you're doing.

Parody Or Real

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Parody Or Real - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Food Poisoning

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Food Poisoning  - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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