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 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Tags #numbing, #cubicle, #emplyess been numbs, #pain of working, #quite beautiful, #happy place

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Dilbert enters Wally's cubicle and asks, "Do you want to watch a numbing?" Wally responds, "You know I do!" Dilbert and Wally are walking. Wally asks, "Where is it?" Dilbert responds, "Cubicle 15950." Alice comes out of her cubicle and asks, "Are you going to the numbing?" Wally responds, "You know we are!" Wally, Alice, and Dilbert approach Asok. Asok asks, "What is a numbing?" Wally responds, "It's the moment that an employee's brain numbs to the pain of working here." Wally says, "It's actually quite beautiful." Dilbert adds, "No two are alike." A coworker sits at his computer. He exclaims, "I can't take this anymore!! Gaa!! Gaa!!" He pauses and then says, "Ooh." He takes another pause and then asks, "What the...?" The coworker is stiff with his arms out. Wally, Alice, Dilbert, and Asok watch from over the cubicle wall. Asok looks horrified. Dilbert says, "It's okay - he's in a happy place now."