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 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Tags #dental floss, #newly hored, #peeved eve, #peeved expression, #public flossing!, #piss off, #annoyed, #peeve, #hate, #get to hate, #bug, #provoke, #tease, #prop, #objectify

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Wally is sitting at his computer. Dilbert approaches and says, "Grab your dental floss and follow me. I'll explain on the way." Wally replies, "Okay." As they're walking, Dilbert says to Wally, "The newly hired mutant is named 'Peeved Eve.' Wait until you see her peeved facial expression." Wally replies, "Hee hee!" Wally flosses in Peeved Eve's face. Peeved Eve makes her peeved face and exclaims, "Gaaa! Public flossing!"