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 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Tags #dogbert, #dilbert, #people, #questions, #conversation, #story, #answer, #rhetorical, #intentionally, #cloud, #bunny, #why

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Dilbert and Dogbert walk in the park. Dilbert asks, "Have you noticed that people rarely answer questions in conversation?" Dogbert says, "That reminds me of a story. One day I . . ." Dilbert says, "See? There! You didn't answer my question!" Dilbert asks angrily, "Do you think my questions are meant to be merely rhetorical?" Dogbert says, "You sure get worked up over the strangest things." Dilbert asks, "Are you doing this intentionally?!! Why won't you answer my questions??!!" Dogbert points at the sky and says, "Hey! There's a cloud that looks like a bunny!" Dilbert falls over and twitches as he says, "Why? Why? Why?" Dogbert thinks, "It doesn't get any better than this."