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 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Dilbert and Dogbert sit in an airplane. Dogbert says, "I'm starving. Is there a meal on this flight?" Dilbert replies, "It's probably just a snack. The airline is cutting back on frills." Dogbert asks, "When you say 'snack,' do you mean a small but well-balanced culinary experience?" Dilbert answers, "It's peanuts. We get nine peanuts apiece." Dilbert adds, "And a soda . . . But not a whole can, just a little cup . . . Unless they cut back on that too." The flight attendant tells Dilbert, "Now we just drink a soda ourselves and burp your seat number." The flight attendant drinks a can of soda. The flight attendant burps, "7B." Dilbert says, "It's actually kind of refreshing."