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 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Tags #happy airlines, #vacation, #data in computer, #dogbert, #gate 13, #never saw luggage, #misfits offended tantra, #goddess of flight

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Dilbert hands his plane ticket to a woman at the Happy Airlines counter. Dilbert tells Dogbert, "Vacation, here we come!" The woman types on the computer. Dilbert watches her type and thinks, "Why do they have to enter so much stuff in the computer?" Dilbert thinks, "They already have our reservation and seat assignment in there. What else do they need?" Dilbert says, "I'm developing a sudden fear of flying." Dogbert says, "Step aside." Dogbert stands on the counter and shouts, "What's going on up here??!!" The woman says, "Gate 13. Have a nice flight." Dogbert says, "Okay." The woman types, "They never saw their beloved luggage again. The misfits always regretted offending Tantra, the Goddess of Flight. The end."