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 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Tags interviews, suspicion, job interview, brand online, blog, tweets, facebook, credit, criminal record, transcripts, refrences, external stuff, attitude, yrine test, dna test, tanning bed, mri, psychology

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Job interview Boss: I researched your personal brand online. Man: My what? Boss: I looked at your blog, your Tweets, an your Facebook page. I Googled your name and followed every link. I checked your credit, criminal record, school transcripts, and references. But that's just the external stuff. Man: Exactly. It's my attitude that counts! Boss: No. I mean I also have the results of your urine test. Oh, and apparently some of your sample landed in a DNA test kit. And that tanning bed you used last week was actually an MRI. How's your attitude now? Man: Harder to fake.