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Asok: Warren Buffett says you should spent time with people who are better than you. Alice: Why would people who are better than me be dumb enough to spend time with me? Asok: Well... I assume you have to find people who are better than you, but not smart enough to avoid you. Because, obviously, you'd be bringing down the average of anyone who was better than you. Which reminds me, I need to cut this meeting short to keep my average up. Dilbert: Maybe we can continue the meeting without him. Alice: That would only be good for you. I need to find better people. Dilbert: The meeting went downhill from there. Dogbert: Can you wrap this up? You're bringing down my average.

Episode 75: “Obstructing Justice” is thinking past the sale, plus Iran and North Korea


“Obstructing justice” sounds bad
“Obstructing injustice” sounds good
Framing makes a critical difference in perception
President Trump’s honest unvarnished opinions
Did SK President Moon play both NK and US President?
If going after Chinese banks doesn’t work, we might sanction the bankers themselves
How many explanations exist for WHY Middle East problems exist?
Many explanations is a tell for cognitive dissonance
What is the cognitive dissonance being experienced in the Middle East?
Secretary of State Pompeo is handling things like President Trump
Shake the box
Expand the scope
Take talks to the high ground


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We Are Family

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We Are Family - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Boss: I think of all of you as family. Wally: That's dumb. Boss: You'll never amount to anything. Wally: Mommy?

Stress Balls

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Stress Balls - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Catbert: I bought stress balls for everyone in the office. Dilbert: Gaaa!!! This ball is too hard to squeeze! It's stressing me out! How is this going to decrease my stress? Catbert: You're thinking of anti-stress balls.