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Tina: Sometimes it seems as if you don't like me. Dilbert: Don't be ridiculous. I'm just an introvert. Being around people drains my energy. I only avoid you because spending five minutes with you feels like being buried alive. With fleas instead of dirt. Tina: So...it isn't personal? Dilbert: I need a nap.

Episode 381 Scott Adams: Buzzfeed, Wall Negotiations, Needle Parks, Cartel Support for the Dems, Open Borders


CNN laments the Buzzfeed story falling apart

Unreliable authors working for non-credible Buzzfeed
Why did CNN breathlessly push the story till it collapsed?

Kill shot for the “immoral wall” position by Pelosi
“Negotiating with yourself” Classic negotiating error

Watch President Trump NOT make that mistake
Adding variables can get you past an impasse

At a conceptional level, open borders make sense

In the real world…open borders can be a nightmare
In a private conversation, does anyone believe in open borders?

Fact: Countries meddle in other countries elections

Mexican cartels bribe Mexican elected officials
Cartels likely already supporting the Dems
Dems must know that…

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Why Didn't You Do It Sooner

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Why Didn't You Do It Sooner - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Dilbert: I solved our server reliability problem. Boss: Why didn't you do it sooner? Dilbert: If you see my motivation anywhere, tell it I miss it.

Did Not Know About The Server

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Did Not Know About The Server - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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Boss: It's been six months now and you still haven't fixed our server issue. Dilbert: I didn't know we had a server issue. Boss: That's no excuse. Dilbert: Actually, it's kind of a good excuse. Boss: Now you're making excuses for your excuses!